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About me?

Who is Ellie? What the hell does she do?
Well, Ellie is a 20-years-old girl originally from a small city called Treviso, in Italy, who moved to London two years ago to study Digital Film Production

Ellie is the owner of the Youtuber channel "doyouknowellie" that started almost like a joke and that, nowadays, has got more than 10,000 subscribers. 

She is a bit of a geek, into loads of fandoms who likes TV series, animes, videogames, books, music and films. She is also really into healthy food and healthy lifestyles, being a great fan of raw food and gluten/diary/refined sugar free stuff because of her multiple allergies and she is always trying new recipes on herself to then suggest them to her followers. 
She loves cooking as well.

Also, she suffers from anxiety and works really hard to be a permanent gravity point for her community of anxiety/depression/OCD/panic/hypochondria sufferers. She makes constant videos trying to help as many of them as possible and is always willing to give a hand to everyone who's under great pressure. Her motto is 'Never give up, because tomorrow is another day and there have been loads of tomorrows for which I have been crazy grateful for.'

She is into beauty as well, being a big Lush fan, especially into natural products. She is, in fact, trying to eliminate all the refined, artificial, chemical shit from her life: from food to beauty and anything that might affect her body because she noticed HUGE improvements since she started this lifestyle.

She is a writer, and she is writing a book she has been researching for for a long time and she is very excited that one day it might even be published. She's also very nervous. She doesn't want to disappoint anybody. 

Ellie works as a photographer and filmmaker. She has a portfolio and she has been working for private business, music schools, creating music videos for bands, making short films and documentaries. 

She has been a model for a few photoshoots and an extra in a few short films. 

Her blog is about health, geekness, normal life, lifestyles, suggestions, reviews.

She says she loves you all and waves a hand awkwardly, blushing. 

Ellie x