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lunedì 15 dicembre 2014

A little update on my life

Woah, these last weeks have been quite crazy. I had my parents with me in London after two years, this was so nice. Especially considering my mom has a phobia about flying and being trapped into means of transports and places, so it was a huge step for her to finally come to see me. She made it. I am proud of her. 
Unfortunately I was ill all the days, but I tried to bring them around anyway since it was something I had been waiting for two years to do. We had fun and I showed them a lot of things but London had to show its worst side of course, so for some reason traffic was awful and the tube was a nightmare. But it was fun, in the end! 

Coming home was a nightmare because I had a freaking cold so landing was painful for my ears and I could barely hear anything at all. It was like being on a bloody Doctor Who episode. I was landing somewhere weird with weird people and weird feelings and... I have to admit the plane noise quite resembled the TARDIS one. :D

Once I got home I had a day to rest because on the night after I had been hired as the Official Photographer and Filmmaker of an amazing show that did a total Sold Out! I had so much fun taking photos and filming footage, plus realizing this is actually my job and I can actually be paid for doing something I genuinely like is... something absolutely amazing I would have never thought I'd be able to achieve. It's a little step towards a dream come true. 

The show was actually a musical inspired to Glee. They talked about great issues like pursuing dreams, relationships with each other, self-esteem and anorexia in a very nice way. They made the audience laugh, cry, think, sing, stand up... it was an amazing show and they were all incredibly talented. I'm proud to have had the chance to work for them!

After this amazing night comes the tough part. Unfortunately, being in Italy means I have to get back to work. As much as I love my colleagues and my job it drains me completely. The rhythm I am compelled to keep to serve all the dozens of people who come into the café is not something I can keep doing. My body just can't do it. This summer I felt awful for 4 months because of the stress and anxiety caused also by this job. I got home and I was angry, hungry, sad but most of all exhausted. Completely exhausted and, when I am, I become incredibly annoying. I an nervous and I snap at everybody because I am damn stressed and worried. I then feel awful because I do and so I dislike myself and I don't like this routine. I am not that person. This situation also kills my creativity, which makes me even sadder. So I'll see how it goes, if it's definitely too much for me - and it might turn up to be so, as I have to work 6 days in a row at this rhythm - I will quit. Money is something it's very very very much needed in my family but it's not worth me going insane trying to force my body to keep up with something he just can't do. 

At the same time I got to see my friends again and we explored the theory behind why the toasted bread always falls on the jam side. After formulas, actual experiments on my floor, tough arguments and weird bets we got to the conclusion that the slice just can't turn more than 180° because of a series of factors I didn't quite understand - damn science! - and we let it go. But I love these weirdos and God I had missed them. 

I have tons of medical stuff to do this month, I don't like it, but I really hope I will enjoy my holiday and find the time to relax, have fun, read and write. I also have a few short films soon to come! Youtube is always a great satisfaction and surprise. It always makes me very happy. 

So... What next? IT'S BLOODY CHRISMAS AND I AM sO exiTeD! I love it. I just do. The atmosphere, the fairy lights, the music, the warm and spicy drinks and... the (possible) snow. AAAAAAAAW.

You? What do you like about Christmas? What's your favourite thing of these last weeks? Let me know in the comments below! It's always soooo interesting to know. :)

Now back to a nice glass of warm soy milk with looooads of sweet honey in it. My night treat.