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venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Apple Heart Cookies

Well, it's almost Winter, isn't it? No? Anyway these cookies are perfect for every afternoon tea when you want to treat yourself without going for some junk food in your cupboard. Then I am quite obsessed with apples, I love them to pieces and apple pastries are my favourites.

Buuuuut, let's get started with these sweet drops from the apple Heaven (they have to go somewhere when we eat them, don't they?).


100g Butter - Burro
100g Sugar - Zucchero
1 Egg - Uovo
Salt - Sale
6g Baking Powder - Lievito per dolci
220g Plain Flour - Farina 00

1 Apple - Mela
1 tbsp Apricot Jam - cucchiaio di Marmellata di Albicocca
1 teaspoon of butter - noce di burro

Leeeeet's bake this shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

1) Mix the softened and cut butter with the sugar until the mixture is soft, then add the egg and, slowly, the flour together with the baking powder. Mix it all together with your hands until your dough feels smooth and you can shape it in a ball. Then put it in the fridge covered in cling film for 30-45 mins.

2) In the meantime peal and cut to little cubes the apple, melt the sugar in a pan with the apricot jam and add the apple cubes. Cook slowly or 15 minutes on low heat.

3) When it's time take the dough out of the fridge and make two separate balls. One would be the lower circle and the other one the upper. Take a little piece of dough from the lower circle ball and shape it into a little sphere with your hands. Press it and put it on the baking foil on a tray. Make as many as your ball of lower circle dough allows.

4) With a spoon take the apple-jam puree and place it in the centre of the circles. When done with everyone, do the same thing you did to make the base of the cookie to make the top and place it on the base on the tray, making sure to blend the two doughs together on the edges so that the filling doesn't come out during cooking.

I know, they look horrible, but trust me, they taste amazing!

5) Put them in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for 15-20 minutes. They will grow, so make sure to mak them distant enough on the tray. Aaaaand let them cook!

6) Sprinkle with some icing sugar and eat them like there is no tomorrow. Like, seriously.

Let me know if you liked them and tag me on Instagram and Twitter if you made them!

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