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giovedì 8 gennaio 2015

Not enough time

Do you ever have the feeling you don't have enough time to do all the things you want to do?

I do. Lately more than usual. I remember a friend of mine used to tell me he was getting frustrated about the fact that he wanted to study as much as he could, train, do stuff but he was compelled to sleep at some point and to him that time was wasted.

At that time I thought he was exaggerating and I felt that being in his mind must be incredibly stressful and frustrating. But now... I think I understand the feeling.

Now let me explain, I know it sounds crazy:

a) I love studying. Yes, I admit I do. But not everything. I like to learn about things that I find interesting and, unluckily (or luckily?) for me, they are an awful lot. I regret so much not to have studied in a different high school because of this, too. I am not studying all of the things I used to, now, as my uni is very sectorial. Also, I work, and it takes away a lot of time to this. In addition, I am an extremely unorganised and inconstant person, which means I start all the way with something and I then get absorbed in something else which makes all the effort I put into my previous work pretty much useless. It happened, for example, with philosophy which I absolutely love but that doesn't sound as interesting when you're studying it on your own. I like to have actual people explaining things. I literally adore listening to good teachers and professors. Or even friends of mine explaining me stuff. I plan on learning loads of stuff by myself: philosophy, literature, history, physics, maths, history of art... It's just... such a nice feeling to be able to know all those things! Argh, I get chills just talking about it!

b) As many of you know I am in the middle of a very important and time-taking process of writing a book. I am almost to page 200 and it is taking away most of my time. Well, I want it to. Thing is I get very distracted by the internet and it is very difficult to me to write while I am at home here in Italy. I need to be surrounded by a specific environment to be able to put all my effort into writing. This is one of the reasons why my writing has been inconsistent during this last year. But I am now fully back on it and working like crazy on organising all of the research I did about the main topic and all the things I already wrote. It's harder than it sounds, I had genuinely forgot how hard you have to work to make something like that work.

c) I am a book addict. That's as much as I can say to justify myself (if I really have to). I am always reading some kind of books and sometimes even more than one at the time. My favourite time to read is before bed, as it relaxes me and I get fully on it. Lately, though, I have been dedicating myself a lot to writing so I struggled to find the time to read. This year, in addition, I set myself a goal of books to read, so I really want to read them all! It's just frustrating I can't do more than one thing at once.

d) I really enjoy training, going to the gym or keeping myself fit, anyway. It's nothing too big, I just enjoy keeping myself busy and for a mind as stressed and agitated as mine that's the best way of calming me down and just make me proud of what I do. I know it sounds weird said by me, but I genuinely get disappointed when I don't manage to do anything during the daytime. It just makes me feel good, maybe it's because of endorphins I have no idea but it just is and I struggle to find the time to do that also because it's freaking cold outside!

e) I am a film-lover and I spend days browsing through different kind of films, trying to find the one that suits my taste and sounds interesting. When I get into one, then, I need to make everyone aware of how good or how bad it is so it also takes away time emotionally. I know, it's weird, it's just that I have a massive list of films I want to see and between all of these things to do... how the hell am I going to find the time to watch a 2 or 3 hours film? In my sleep?

f) I unfortunately (or luckily?) work. So that... definitely takes away a lot of time. And it's tiring too. And when I am tired creating is just out of reach. Like, definitely impossible. My mind shuts down and oh, that's frustrating.

g) This is definitely unfortunate because I have sometimes to go to doctors to get checked, and we all know how long we usually wait at the doctor/dentist/therapist.

h) My physiological need to eat can't really be skipped and I am also quite picky, as many of you know. This means I spend a lot of time buying organic and good stuff I can make into something appealing and healthy. I noticed such a HUGE improvement in my health since I have been doing this that is actually... incredible and I'll never stop suggesting this to everybody.

i) I aaaaalso work as a Youtuber, videomaker and photographer so... that is not a job that takes away just a few minutes. I wish it did! Oh, well, I'd actually prefer the other one to do so. But yeah, I need to be available all the time and when someone needs a shoot it may take away entire days! And let's not even start with the editing. That takes ages sometimes.

l) I have friends and a family I cannot really ignore. And I don't want too. Sometime though, I have no idea how to manage it all.

So that's part of what's going on in my head. There are loads of other more private things I have to do and keep checked and think about and I am just HOW THE HELL CAN I DO ALL THIS, I WANT TO DO ALL THIS, WHY CAN'T I? I slept less and less, I tried to do more at once but.. yeah it doesn't help. So yes, that's frustrating. I feel like I need a timeturner.

Just join me into this rambling of stress.

Did it ever happen to you? When? How?



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  1. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  2. That's so me ! I wish there's more than 24h in a day

  3. I love you Ellie, I know you can do all of this and still be awesome in everything! <3

  4. A day has only 24 hours and this is not a rip-off if you just want to do many, many things. Sometimes maybe the best solution is to try to do as much as possible at the same time or to organize with the times. For example I do not work because I almost never have time to read, so I forced myself that when I have a good book in your hands before you go to bed so that you have time to read a few hundred pages before falling asleep. I also watch a lot fim and television series, so for the first I decided to watch late at night when I get back from work, and the second between a turn and another. The whole point is to be able to organize itself with the times in order to have time to do everything. Then remember, you're not a machine, you also have to sleep sometimes. But at your age five or six hours of sleep are enough. Joking aside, do not underestimate sleep, sleeping little could you do less of what you do now and what's more with less clarity.I hope not to have published the comment several times, if so sorry ^^ '' '

  5. I totally understand, at times I wish I didn't need to sleep but at other times that is all I want to do. Plus I'm a very lazy person and that makes everything worse >.< I'm still in high school which means I have to spend days studying things I don't really care about, and the rest of the time I just spend on the Internet...
    I was thinking about audio books, you can listen to them while doing chores or while travelling or training, this could save some time :)