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lunedì 23 febbraio 2015

February Favourite Healthy Products

Well, it's time for me to say it. I am trying to go vegan. Now everyone will be freaking out because ohhhhmyggoood she's going to turn everyone into a grass-eater and hate everyone who eats meat or fish or eggs or milk blah blah blah.

PLEASE. Who the hell do you think I am?

FIRST, almost the entire world knows I am lactose intolerant and allergic to eggs, so yeah, I can either be omnivore or basically directly vegan, I can't be vegetarian since I cannot eat those two elements anyway.

SECOND, I am doing it to try and see if it has any good effect on my health and body and for environmental reasons. I read online different things, good and bad as it's a controversial topic on which there is also a lot of ignorance and prejudice which keeps information to directly get to you. Also, a lot of research is still been done about it so new stuff keeps coming out. Still, I have never been a fan of the idea of eating animals, it's just empathy, maybe, I don't know. I simply found it not too different to eat one another, I mean if we didn't have animals we probably would.

BUT I don't give an utter shit if you DO eat meat or eggs or milk or fish or whatever the hell you like because this is just MY choice at the moment to see if I can get any benefit from this lifestyle but I am not going to be one of those people who rant about having to go vegan, hate on people who aren't, judge, and I am certainly not going to turn down meat or fish once in a while if I happen to be offered some or just feel like eating it.

I just want to see on myself if I can get any of the results I read online and if I actually can feel better. If not then, oh well I tried.

SO, that said, here there are my favourite products of February, talking about food and health!

1) Rude Health Muesli Super Fruity

This is definitely one of my favourite muesli of all time. My breakfast, as many of you already know, is one of my favourite meal of the day. Screw that, it's my ABSOLUTE favourite meal of the day. I always have muesli but I try not to go for the refined sugar packed one with loads of artificial shit in it that tastes like sugary stuff and not like oats and raisins and fruits and seeds. I like crunchy muesli, but I don't go for seed-y ones as I freaking love raisins and dried fruits and I appreciate it not being too crunchy and hard. So this one, with absolutely not added refined sugars, no wheat and no nuts is a freaking amazing recipe. They just taste... awesome! If I could I would go through the whole package in a couple of days! So yeah, they are definitely my favourite, at the moment, adding some special feeling to my lovely morning soya yogurt and berries.

2) Virginia Harvest Cold-Milled Flaxseed

I don't know if any of you is familiar with flaxseeds but... they are just THE thing. I usually put either them or Chia Seeds in my morning breakfast as they are full of Omega 3, Proteins (that I definitely want to get as much as I can since I don't get them from meat or fish or eggs or dairy), Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Manganese other than being a huge source of dietary fibre. So yeah, they taste nice and are slightly.... munchy-crunchy that makes them lovely to have in the morning and help me kickstart my day. Moreover, they are gluten-free, not genetically modified, cholesterol free and nut free (in case you have any allergy!)

3) Meridian Smooth Almond Butter

I seriously don't know where this had been all my life. It tastes like pure heaven. Like, it's smooth, soft, slightly salted, almond-y... it is seriously as if I took almonds and made them jelly-ish. I swear! It tastes gorgeously with any type of bread and it's a fabulous snack! Obviously we don't have to exaggerate with it if we care about our silouette since well yes it is always butter-ish and it contains fats. It's completely diary-free and most fats are Omega 3 healthy fats so that makes us feel a bit less guilty, doesn't it? Oh, well, I don't feel any guilt...

4) Biona Organic Coconut Oil

I think I will never stop saying how nice this tastes. I have been using it to make my new love, my Banana Bread, and it just tastes lovely. It's useful for weight loss, it's packed with loads of healthy nutrients and it's just so sweet and exotic that it adds an amazing flavours to every dish. I use it in my salads, good alternative to olive oil, or I also use it in my spelt dishes for dinner. It's lovely to stir all of my vegetables in a pan with just a teaspoon of that, it adds so much flavour and exoticness to a dish that could result as boring! Like, you have no idea how much I am loving my dinners lately. Also, they are packed with energy and, since I suffer from fatigue, that helps a lot.

5) Mori-Nu Silken Firm Tofu

How could magic tofu not been included on my healthy-shit-ranting? Of course here it is! I had never tasted tofu before, I admit, I was scared it tasted awful. But guess what? It doesn't. It's actually lovely, it doesn't have a strong flavour and it's perfect with anything. I put it into salads, grill it, cook it... what you can do with it is neverending. Soy has so so so many proteins (soybeans, edamame, soy milk, soy yogurt....) and it's absolutely fundamental to who doesn't get proteins from animals and animal products. Of course I don't want to have any nutrient deficiency and I surely want to use artificial integrators as less as I can. So yeah, tofu is a great choice and I am very much liking it. Also, it costs SO much less than any steak or fish fillet.

6) Waitrose Pearled Spelt

Okay, yes, I discovered Waitrose and lately my dinners have mostly been composed of grains, proteins and vegetables of any sort. Spelt is definitely one of my favourite in terms of taste (oh my good it's sooooo nice) and nutrients. It contains few fats and lots of proteins even being a grain! It gives you a lot of energy and minerals. It's not gluten-free, though. Aaaaand it takes 20 minutes to cook which, since I hate waiting, makes me look like that person who keeps looking at the water hoping for it to boil faster. But oh well, what can you do.

7) Chia Seeds Cibocrudo

I was skeptical about Chia Seeds as I thought they were just very fat and caloric and didn't give many benefits. I was wrong. First, they are full of healthy fats, which is very different. Fat is not all bad, some of it is absolutely fundamental to our nutrition. Second, it is so crunchy and nice I love to munch it under my teeth and hear it 'pop'. Some people put it in water to get it jelly, I love it natural. I alternate them with flaxseed, as you read before, for my breakfast and I never regretted it since.

8) Clipper Organic Orange and Coconut Infusion

Okay, okay, I know you expected this since I have been talking and loving this for ages on any social network. This is the best infusion I have ever tasted. Like, it's like drinking a cake. Seriously, it doesn't even need any sweetener to be absolutely delicious. I have it before going to bed and it feels like I am drinking pure awesomeness. I would inject it in my veins if I could. Also, it's organic, so whoop whoop!

9) Organic Spirulina Powder

This is probably one of my favourite products of all time. I seriously have been having this every morning for like 4 months and I have never felt better. So many proteins, amazing source of CALCIUM which I lack from my lactose intolerance, so much IRON. It tastes disgusting but I always have a tablespoon together with juice and I swear to God you can barely notice it's there. I got used to the taste as well. It's seriously one of the best thing I have during the day. It helps my concentration and energy on such an amazing level. Take my word on this, it's awesome.

10) Slim Lotus Tea

Okay, I have to admit this is a new entry in my life. It definitely is. I bought it as a random buy and read what it actually was online after having it. It's a super green tea, basically. I have been using it for a week but... like it tastes so so so so much better than any other green tea I have ever had (and you all know how much I love green tea) as it's pure leaves you soak in hot water (85°C) and then drink. I know it doesn't sound too nice to say, but seriously my intestine has been working so much better thanks to it! I feel less as a balloon and everything works better on that side. It's amazing! It doesn't have any caffeine so it doesn't interfere with natural energy but it gives you a boost anyway. It's genuinely amazing, even just for the taste. Best random buy ever.

11) Quinoa

Quinoa is another one of my weaknesses. It's a seed but it feels like it's a wholegrain. It tastes gorgeous with seriousl anything and it is packed with proteins! It's also very nice to cook and it's still low in fat, in salt and in sugar. There is not much to say, just try it, it's genuinely awesome.

12) Superfood Raw Peruvian Maca Powder

This is another one of my favourite. And it tastes lovely! Like... malt. You can use it into any non-dairy milk, yogurt, smoothie... anything. It is a huge source of minerals and energy. It boosts metabolism, everyday energy and also helps balancing the hormones. It's so nice I've been using it in my Banana Bread, lately, and it seriously does its job. Definitely gonna be on my shelf for a while.

Aaaaand I guess that was it for today! I hope you liked it, I also want to know what you think of any of this products and which one is your favourite. Let me know in the comments below! I'll let you know how my vegan tryout is going.

Ellie x

PS: Best places where to buy this stuff in Italy is either your healthy food supermarket, Cibocrudo or Amazon :)

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  1. Finché si tratta di sperimentare è un conto, se vuoi cambiare completamente dieta è meglio se vai da un dietologo e ne parli con lui. Sopratutto se soffri d'intolleranze alimentari. La rete è piena di cavolate e mangiando le cose sbagliate o nelle quantità sbagliate rischi di stare male e basta. Inoltre non andare solo su certi alimenti "fighetti" ma mangia anche patate, fagioli, piselli, carote, lenticchie, ecc.. e sopratutto alimenti ricchi di proteine che non potresti ottenere dalla carni. Ma io non sono un dietolgo e tu sei una donna matura. Devi decidere tu cosa sia meglio per te. V.V